Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


The state we’re in


I don’t think they ever had the numbers for 51, TBH, and there seems to enough trust @Labour in Starmer (we’ll know tonight after the PLP meeting) to save the big ammo til the autumn / winter…not least, as you say, cos of the disagreement around EEA issues. There are unresolved problems with EEA, even for a No_Brexit-er like myself.

49 (meaningful vote) & 95 (removing A50 cut-off date) seem to be where we’ll see the money shot, and rightly so … I’ll grudgingly doff my Che cap to the Labour leadership for whipping thse two ammendments.



Is this for real? They’re not paid to be like this ??

(As I’m not in UK I’m a bit off the pace with what this show actually is about?)


You’re just trying to trick folk on here into admitting they watch it…aren’t you? :laughing:


Was there an answer to the cheese question? I’m getting worried now.


That thing is watched in my house. It is an excellent reason to vacate the room and go listen to records.


This is the correct response to 99% of the shite on TV.


Should be as hard hitting as a damp marshmellow.


I really don’t understand how LBC allow him to be an uncontested mouthpiece.




OK Radio for the Gammon set.


A couple of interesting tweets indicating a certain amount of support for your view:


Most surprisingly, James O’Brien is an ‘almost’ away from ‘whataboutery’ which is a bad, bad look given his usual stance on that sort of thing

Meanwhile, having engaged with Nigel to his own satisfaction, Aaron Banks has decided not to front up to Newsnight tonight where there is at least a chance he might get his arse served to him by a hostile interviewer.


I know we deride George Osborne for being editor of the LES, but at least he had the fucking decency to stand down beforehand.

Farage is still a sitting MEP. It should be against the law. The whole interviewer/host thing is an utter sham, the whole programme is dedicated to self-advancement and publicity for him.

If I ever find the BBC QT editor who booked him on again and again and again I’ll boot the fucker straight off a cliff.


Yep. JRM’s phone-in is another disgrace.


Jesus yes, I forgot about him! WTF are they doing? Why is there some urgent review by the Press Complaints Commission?

In fact I’ll tweet them about it so they can ignore me.

EDIT: It’s IPSO now.


And it seems they only deal with written media. Anyway, Paul Dacre is on the committee. Sound.


Rees Mogg was spreading downright nonsense today regarding the need for Customs Checks at Dover. He doesn’t seem to or want to understand WTO obligations.


She is on with James o brien Wednesday.

Love the look at 30secs


James O’Brien sits on the fence about Farage. I really wish he would be clearer on his views…