Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Farage having a hissy because an mp resigns over brexit


Not sure I like Grieve’s new ammendment at all. The meaningful vote really ought to be a no brainer. Whatever happens from here on in, history will surely crucify anyone who’s against this

Meanwhile …


Phillip Lee has just resigned from the Government to campaign against Brexit. This just about maintains the proud record of a minister overboard every six weeks since the Autumn reshuffle.



Here is Lee’s resignation statement.
Hadn’t paid any attention to him before, but he actually seems to be thinking about the future of the country rather than just himself - unusual for this shower of a “government”


Well, neither did Maybot. It’s DOA say the whips, so hopefully some fireworks tonight


The last minute amendment Grieve tabled looks like it was designed to be rejected by the Govt. He can now rally the troops and rebel while waving the ‘I did everything I could but…’ flag.

Meanwhile, Phillip Lee has really gone for it…:slightly_smiling_face: Have a read of this thread:

He goes on to demand a referendum on the final deal which is a bit fecking stupid. Just deal with it properly in Parliament please.


terrific piece

“…You do sometimes still hear chat about “no deal”, but only from people who would see setting fire to their own heads as a viable alternative to the hairdresser…”



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Tory ‘rebels’ . LOL

They own it.


If anyone should ever ask you what talking gammon looks like, well it looks like this

Edward Leigh - giving red meat a bad name.

The phrase he used most in the short clip on the BBC (to be fair, probably selected to make him look as thick-headed as possible) was “I don’t understand …”. Well I’m not going to disagree with that …



He has form elsewhere:



I’m not sure I’m entirely clear on what’s up or down. And it seems the government isn’t either.

No doubt there’ll be some Tory bloodsport until it arrives in the Lords in however many days it is.

Christ, the actual fucking state of him. Did the camera crew max out the saturation on the camera, or is he actually that Gammon? Amazing



So a knob then



I wonder how big the Labour rebellion will be today over the Norway + amendment? Interesting day for him after Mrs May avoided/delayed disaster narrowly yesterday.