Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



True that. Savile, Harris and Hall fucked up the lives of a few children. Farage has fucked up the lives of all the children.


Rebels say

ERG say

I say




See the slimy cunt Rees mogg is moving his business affairs to Dublin.




Again, the vicious racist nature of the comments on that piece is frightening.


I really shouldn’t look, but it’s like a car crash…


Only if you think deliberately driving your car into a burning building is clever…:smirk:


I am not surprised. My experience, and that of many people I know, is that Britain has a strong undercurrent of racism. The internet has provided a shop window for it.


It’s also not surprising that the website of a broadcaster that hosts Farage attracts some of the viler and dumber ends of the racist spectrum.


Surely there is no spectrum - you are either a racist (cunt) or not


Yes and no. All racists are racist, sure, but there’s also a difference between someone who would cross the street to avoid a black person, vs someone that would stove the black person’s head in.


What’s this?

But then

Can’t see how May can hope to renege on her deal with the rebels without being subject to retaliation in the HoL next week and HoC thereafter. Also, to cheat so publicly would serve only to destroy May’s chances of ever getting the rebels onside.

Something smells very rotten here. Woolaston says:


They are the same tweet?


Sorry, we had some extra DERP delivered this afternoon. Should be fixed now.


Labour has pretty much imploded. Six resignations from the shadow cabinet and 90 rebelled over being whipped to abstain over EEA. Just WTF do they think they have achieved, other than strengthening the Government?

Useless, just fucking useless cunts…


Ian Murray summed it up:

This was a missed opportunity for Parliament to defeat the Tories’ reckless plans for a hard Brexit, and save tens of thousands of jobs across the UK.For the Labour frontbench to abstain on this crucial issue was a dereliction of duty, and future generations will ask us why we didn’t do more for the workers we represent.

He is the MP for Edinburgh South and a member of Scotch McLabour, for the the record :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.


Labour can go fuck themselves.

I’m now totally over the Lib Dems and their hypocrisy over tuition fees. Labour have totally outcunted them.


Foxy Coxy has it right


I didn’t think that was feasible. We’re doooooomed…