Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Let it all go to fuck…


If he carries on, he’ll catch up with Corbyn.


We could do with a few more who would behave like Ken Clarke at this point in time.




Looks like Lord Hailsham will table Dominic Grieve’s amendment in the HoL today unless Mrs May can agree on part c, which puts the HoC in charge of negotiations in case of DERP being the outcome of the current discussions. This is the same Lord Hailsham who as Douglas Hogg (before he inherited his title) is best known for claiming to have his moat cleaned on his Parliamentary expenses.

Brexit just gets weirder and weirder…:exploding_head:


I get confused about the Hoggs.

The first Viscount Hailsham was Douglas McGarel Hogg. He was the son of Quintin Hogg. Douglas McGarel Hogg had a son. He called him Quintin McGarel Hogg and he became the second Viscount Hailsham. Both Douglas McGarel Hogg and Quintin McGarel Hogg served as Lord Chancellor. In due course Quintin McGarel Hogg had a son. He called him Douglas Martin Hogg. That’s the one who’s currently in parliament. He is the third Viscount Hailsham (it’s a hereditary peerage) but he sits in the House of Lords because he also has a life peerage. He had previously tried twice to get elected to one of the remaining hereditary slots in the Lords but had failed both times. His father had also been awarded a life peerage to allow him to sit in the House of Lords, but in that case it was necessary because he had renounced his hereditary peerage so that he could sit in the House of Commons. Which he did. Douglas Martin Hogg has also had a son. Guess what he’s called him ? That’s right, Quintin (more completely Quintin John Neil Martin Hogg). And I thought David Davis’s parents were a bit short in the ‘thinking outside the box’ department.

I do hope you’ve been keeping up. This might well come up at the Lopwell quiz night.





Seems apt:

Hogs don’t sweat, so they can’t take much hot, bright, sunny weather. They must seek cool, moist areas to maintain normal body temperatures in hot weather. This is why boggy, muddy swamp and creek bottoms are such prime spots for wild hogs. (Along with the houses of Parliament)



Taking back control, lads.


So it transpires that May’s fucked the Grieve-Gang over good and proper on the (non) amendment.

I think things will go downhill very rapidly from here


Maybe the 'rebel’s will now realise what a slippery, mendacious creature their boss actually is.


Yep, it should be comedy gold as we wonder whose rebels will rebel, when and over what. I imagine the DUP are twitching over the thought of all these rebels lurking in the HoC, so expect them to explode too. The SNP are acting like a bunch of jilted teenagers just to add to the mix.

Elections before the Autumn, I think. In reality, if May makes it through the next two weeks it’ll be nigh on miraculous.


If she does go,it will be very interesting to see which of these gobshite brexiteers dare throw there hat into the ring.

It will speak volumes to there supporters if none of them go for it.*

*probably won’t as they will come up with a shit excuse for them

Nice to see Farage hitting new lows;


Nice of Farage to remind us how important it is to stick rigidly to the truth at each and every point in time.




:grin: Haven’t seen this before. :grin: Weapons grade troll on the spelling.


Great response to Tinheadhat’s tweet

And if it can, we’ll be looking for a new economy, and then for a new government


Gammon Time may be worth a look tonight with Grieve on it.


And oakeshott