Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Shame,he had the negotiations by the balls


Fucking hell. It’s going to take them at least five minutes to find someone more competent.


Wonder if any others will follow… :thinking:


if more resign it will be a few more letters to the 1922 committee and that will trigger a leadership election.


Looking forward to see which gobshite brexiteer has the balls to challenge May as PM


Will the Maybot survive? Is David Davis a latter day Geoffrey Howe? This week should be interesting.


Think May will beat them


Sky reporting that Steve Baker, DD’s deputy in the Brexit department, has resigned too.


JRM will stir the shit and there will be a leadership election.

48 letters triggers the election, the word is that only another 6 are required


That’s a real shame as he was doing so well :unamused:


David Davis. Dear oh dear. You thick cunt

It was a proposal, not the final deal. All that matters is the backstop, after that EVERYHING’S on the table

Gove gets it. Gove, though, isn’t a first class prat


Wonder how Grieve et al will react to this in the HoC this week as the Trade Bill is due another reading. Any sign of an ERG challenge to May could trigger imposition of the CU via amendment.

Up until the weekend there had been five resignations since 1 November 2017 (Fallon, Patel, Green, Rudd, Greening) that is one every six weeks. Now with Davis, Baker, and Braverman going in one day we are looking at just over 31 days per resignation, or one a month. I can’t see May or the Tories surviving the summer. What an absolute clusterfuck.


:face_with_monocle: Erm,…I disagree.


Facist bully boy JRM will end Mays reign. Tory leader election soon.


DD has the 8:10 slot on the Today program. It will be interesting to see if they go for him properly. It is long past time for the BBC to stop pandering to bullshitters and ask proper questions of the major players in this mess on all sides of the debate.


Expert negotiator Boris to the rescue


Andrea Jenkyns on R4 making a complete tool of herself calling for a ‘Brexiteer PM’ when there is insufficient support for such a move in her party. It’ll be interesting to hear what (if anything) Willliamson and Javid have to say about all this. They seem to be most likely to have the numbers to mount a proper leadership campaign so staying silent, or offering lukewarm support, is the optimal move.



Poorly written. He’s clearly not stupid. But he is a cunt


Well Cameron, holding that referendum certainly sorted out the divisions in the Tory party over Europe didn’t it? Feckless tool.