Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Isn’t it about now that George Osborne comes galloping in on a white charger to save us all ?

Or, Jordan Pickford, I suppose, cos he’s been saving England for the last few weeks.


I’d trust Pickford with the economy more than Osborne.


Did you hear Bernard Jenkin on Today? Feckin’ dribbling nonsense. I’m really looking forward to see how they treat DD. He will most likely talk bollocks so I’m not that bothered about what he has to say. The reception he receives from the Beeb will be interesting though.


It was tremendous hearing Bernard Jenkin being so fucked off. Has made my morning that much brighter.:grinning:


Sadly not, moving house and relying on twitter to get my blood pressure off the scale

But am not in the least bit surprised to hear him being a cockwomble


He’s not stupid. But he does do stupid things (e.g. the farce surrounding Johnson’s post-Cameron leadership challenge).



I always thought that he was ‘limited’ but that his other half is a very shrewd but utterly unprincipled operator. She is the stuff of nightmares.



BBC reporting that Dominic Raab is the new Brexit secretary.


May ‘yes’ man and all round slimeball.


He opens his mouth and stupid stuff comes out e.g. when the government lost the Miller case in the High Court he said

… the British people gave a clear mandate for the UK Government to leave the EU and take back control of our borders, laws, money and trade. It is disappointing that today the court has chosen to ignore their decision …

(my bold). He was wrong. The people gave a clear (small, but clear) mandate to leave the EU. They did not vote to take control away from parliament, which was the body that took us into the EU, and hand it to government. The government appealed to the Supreme Court over this. They lost. Again.



He has the look of someone who’s about to be shafted




Wasn’t Raab the housing minister for the last 15 minutes (or however long it has been since the last reshuffle)? How many housing ministers has this been since 2010?


Rees-Mogg on May today:

“What you are saying is that the prime minister is inconsistent with her promises, and that’s a very bad position for a political party to be in.”

This follows on from Soubry et al feeling they were ‘mislead’ over the Grieve amendment. Poor old May, no wonder she is briefing Labour MPs today. This all looks very ominous for her.


Where do I even post this?

Terry, merge the boards.


That is fucking brilliant. Clearly DD didn’t write it as it shows evidence of creative thinking.


Mr. Lumb tells me it’s a fake. Sigh, must check sources before getting excited.


If only it were true



The end is nigh