Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Boris resigns


Leadership challenge presumably coming


Absolutely brutal :fire::fire::fire:. Could have put this in the obituaries thread instead.


Election in September I reckon.


No idea if it is possible but May should announce an election asap - that way if she is still Conservative leader she can make it clear that all Tory candidates are behind her Brexit plan - and if they aren’t they should resign from the party and start their own UKIP type party.
If she loses then the new hard Brexit leader will have to win an election which is unlikely.




We’ve only got 6,600 posts left on this thread. I reckon I’ll be spinning up a new one tonight.


soon be time to pop out and vote (again)
this pile of shite
that pile of slightly less smelly shite
any one of several UKIP flavours


Do it now, the confusion would be magnificent :grinning:


It’s going to be a fucking car crash either way unless Corbyn stops being a massive cunt and actually opposes Brexit as being national suicide. Alas, I don’t see that happening any time soon.


I think this could be the election where several tens of people swing back to the LibDems. Join me, my brothers and sisters.


They may get enough to fill a bus!
But what slogan would they put on the side…


Corbs probably weighing up very carefully whether to start another batch of damson jam this afternoon. Touch and go.


May speaking in the Commons now.:poop:


Channel 232 on BT


Thought she spoke well, Corbyn doing his usual thing, trying to be funny but not really saying anything.


:poop: doesn’t describe it. This is content-free tosh. She is finished. I don’t think Johnson would resign unless there were a sufficiency of letters with the 1922 Cttee chair. Something’s brewing…




“This will provide Europe with a challenge” (Theresa May)

A challenge between falling over laughing at the British Government or just seething in frustration.


1922 Committee are meeting tonight