Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Javid for PM? Can’t see BoJo or Rees-Cunt getting it


No. I intend to vote DUP and smite that Catholic Rees-Mogg and all his Satan-spawned confederates (unless they give us ££ in which case Arch-Bishop Rees-Mogg is the man for the job).


IDS crawling up May’s arse


If they have the bollocks to run on a no-Brexit ticket, they could win a lot of seats.


Is Javid a remainer?


Not any longer. He is like Hunt, voted remain but is now a Brexit supporter.



Beth Rigby now reporting on Sky News

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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later wasn’t it?!


afraid so, it’s going to need a people vote to have any chance of putting the thing to bed, and if that is split again, even bigger clusterfuck looms. Maybe if the EU say you can nationalise the railways Jezzer will go for it.

Pity the libdems screwed themselves playing with dave.


I have renamed the thread in honour.



Posted in response to Ruth Davidson’s message of support for the PM:



Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain. I can only regret that the idea of #Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. But...who knows?

— Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) July 9, 2018



‘Poundshop Machiavelli’



‘He’s more white dope than hope’ :joy:


The only way they’ll win a lot of seats is if DFS have a raffle… :slight_smile:


A good day for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.


I’m clapping like a fucking seal, self gratuitous cunts. Gove to go ? or is he like shit on a blanket.


Gove has no spine.


Good he may fit in ATOC’s bucket.