Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Woman from the EU on BBC News saying there is zero chance of the white paper proposal on having free trade in goods, but not in services, capital and without free movement of labour being accepted, as these are the four pillars of the EU.
The circle that cannot be squared.


Surely they have known this from the start,reminds me of this;


Seeing as we helped form that policy, being full voting members etc, they know it full well. I don’t remember such a bunch of fucking idiots being in charge at any time in my Adult life.

And Corbyn won’t do anything different, seeing as he’s been a eurosceptic since the beginning.


May grovelling to 1922 committee right now.


I don’t think May wants a brexit in any form, it’s just that she wants to remain PM more than anything else.


Fantastic :joy:


Monkey tennis lives!



Stronzetto negotiations - Wrong and stable


She is a politician, I truly believe that some politicians get into politics because they want to be a force for good and better the lives of people. The longer they stay in politics they become either very cynical because they never get near the real power so can’t change anything, or they do get to wield the power and it absolutely seduces them and they become addicted to it. While they have it they are not interested in anything else and when they don’t have it they are a like a junkie who will do anything to get the feeling back, stab their friends in the back, steal from those who have nothing, anything.


Chris Green PPS at the DoT has resigned. His tweet is risable:

Some of the replies are splendid. I liked this:
and this:



Conor Burns, BoJo’s PPS and dogsbody has resigned too. Is that 10 now or 9? I can’t figure out if Suella Braverman quit or not.


She’s melting


Looks like Hunt to replace BoJo. Hopefully next weekend he’ll do to Trump what he has being doing to the NHS, but just in a shorter space of time, without lube.


it flashed up as breaking news on the beeb website a minute ago but seems to have gone now???


The only way Brexit will help the NHS.


Fuck me…


And in bad news for the NHS:


Nope, it is the culture secretary…:crazy_face: