Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



Nothing could be more true of Fuckarge, for all his venom and vitriol he has never presented a detailed plan for Brexit (only a list of demands). His campaign whipped up division, mirrored prejudice and apportioned blame sufficiently for Cameron to call the referendum and yet had / has no clear alternative plan to present.


With testimonials like this, Johnson should have no difficulty finding a new job.


Seems to be a common theme.

I do wish people would learn the difference between uninterested and disinterested. :smiley: A QC as well!


While in the shower this morning I caught snippets of someone on the radio talking about Boris’ resignation letter and in particular his “The dream is dying” line.

FFS Boris ! Get a fucking grip ! This is not dreamland. You should have got your ass back from planet Mogg and accepted that there is a real world where we need to start working out deals with our trading partners, in particular the EU. A good deal is one where you come out on top in more than half of the areas of disagreement. If you chip yourself off and become the little fish you will do well to get anywhere near that, especially when all of the last few decades of negotiating experience is now based on the other side.



Some people I’ve spoken too this morning think Boris will put himself forward for PM…







Stronzetto having a wash?


It all reminds me of this:

You can have anything you like, as long as it’s made of wank and shit


Don’t know = Fuck that.


Hah. Who do you want? Clueless or gutless fuckpig?!


That poll underlines probably the most significant aspect of all of this. Even in the middle of their all out Civil War, the Tories are a more attractive proposition than Labour. I would hazard a guess that one of the main factors in this is that voters still believe the Tories will deliver a better Brexit than Labour. It can’t be about anything else because British politics hasn’t been about anything else for two years now.



I think my Wheelie bin could do better than 27% against Treeza right now. Tragic, isn’t it?

Perhaps the 36% who said don’t know are all shocked that uncle Vince wasn’t included in the poll.


‘He was born Gammon, he became Jamón’



And even given the pisspoor results that she’s achieved so far, May is still better than Gove, Hunt, Javid, Mogg and in a completely different league from Johnson.



‘Raab C Brexit’ :grin:.