Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


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Another good analysis.

It is telling what that consists of. As per his resignation letter, it is that the “Brexit dream is dying through unnecessary self-doubt”. Note the complete absence of any concrete alternatives or practical plans. It’s all about dreams and beliefs. As with his ‘road to Brexit’ speech in February it shows that whilst he can campaign for Brexit he has not the glimmerings of an idea about, or any interest in, how to deliver it. That is singularly useless in the present circumstances.


Two more people “you may well not have heard of” (L Kuenssberg) bail out



The gift that keeps giving…



Caulfield is a moral crusader and worryingly bigoted/conservative. Amongst other things, he spoke out against Diana Johnson’s ten-minute rule bill to decriminalise abortion, saying:

more must be done to effectively combat the dangerous liberalisation of abortion, which hides under the premise of championing women’s rights.

Clear convolution of two issues. Bradley is best known for making a knob of himself over two issues (i) he is the tool who argued that poor people should have vasectomies to stop them having too many children and (ii) he had to pay up for claiming Jezza was selling secrets to the Russians.

Sadly, they remain in public life despite resigning their positions as Vice-Chairs of the Tory Party.




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IKEA unveils new ‘Thërëså’ cabinet:



Boris wants to be prime minister. He cares about absolutely nothing else. He’ll say anything, anything at all, if he thinks it will get him closer to that.



Don’t believe a word he says unless it is in a sentence like: “I want to be PM/Emperor of the Universe”