Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


You can also bet on how many MP’s will vote in favour of May’s deal.

The spreads from 210-219 all the way up to 310-319 are all at about 7/1.


Link/quote for the televisually bereft?


I think you can spin this back a good while.

Public safety warning: Boris Johnson is on his feet currently. Actually just shows you how poor he is when he can’t just deliver soundbites.


It’s unbelievable that anyone might still think this clown could hold down any position of responsibility.

But there are still quite a few Tories who’d coalesce behind him as a leader.

I’m almost embarrassed for him.


He’s dying on his arse here.


End of his ambitions finally.


Christ, this bloke wants to be PM. He’s incoherent.


Fuck me,he just waffles utter shite no one can make sense of


Even his own side for the most part can see he’s an idiot. Embarrassing.


Yep, the bloke behind him obviously thinks knows he’s a bluffing fool.


Do the ERG have a suicide pact - could be a busy night for the Westminster undertakers tonight.


Has moggadon spoken yet?
He seems to have gone very quiet lately


Ken’s going to tear him a new one here. An 80 year old man.


He really is shit. This kind of forum* really shows him up for the fraud he is.

He should have stuck to being the guest presenter on HIGNFY and taking a week to write a column in The Spectator

  • a hostile Hoc, not AA. Although it would be fun…


And he did


Distressing lack of self awareness


Think you are a few minutes behind live Mark.
I’m watching on BBC Parliament on Freesat CH 201 and Ken intervened a while ago,


An utter utter fraud. Zero substance.


Is he a member here?

If not, he should be. He’d get slaughtered


Ah, I’m on the web player. It’s quite lagged.