Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Me too. Why? Has someone shot him?


Honestly, if this was an open mic night, the idiot would have been hooked off by now. Cringing to death here.



BJ: “I’ve given way a great deal”
Bloke behind him: “Very poorly”


His brother must be so sorry for the state of him. His brother seems quite a sensible balanced individual.


Anna Soubry now ripping him a new one.


She scares the shit out of me. I wouldn’t cross her.


It is pantomime season and I think Boris is using this as a casting session.


He’s sat down. TFFT


Does he really think that this kind of rambling bollocks is going to endear him to anyone?


Probably. He’s daft enough


The lack of self awareness indicates he’s fairly far along the spectrum. Either that or it’s just excessive & ingrained Eton insouciance


SNP bringing sense to the proceedings


Amazing speech from Ian Blackford.


Agreed, but he is basically saying forget the result of the referendum and leave things as they are?


Also, one thought passes my mind…



Hardly anyone there except the SNP and DUP


but it was only advisory, they could say we’ve tried to follow your advice and it just wont work.




Boris looks like he has taken his suicide pill.


He didn’t turn up, when the whip said to him on Friday “see you next tuesday” he just thought he was making an observation.