Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Can we decamp to Lopwell and go feral?


This sums it up for me.


Maybe the only option. We’ll need masses of vinyl & tape. Ritchie’s BBQ skills & Oz’s brewing. But I think we could get through this especially if we have pizza flour & toppings.


I can rustle up a buffet


Mince pies all year round and no haters.


There’s gammon aplenty


Quite the kicking.

It’s still beyond me why the Brexiters, if they realy want what they say,don’t back it: The only reason to be scared of the backstop is if you foresee a fundamental reason that you can’t agrean FTA with the EU.

Nigel Dodds, epitmosing the stupidity, is currently complaining that leaving the WA arrangements would require the consent of the EU. So, the EU would have to agree to a deal between the EU and the UK. What planet are these people on ?

Ooh. Here comes Patterson. Popcorn time


He’s got to the magical thinking section of his speech



Technology ftw

Or, fuck NI

He’s not fussy


Northern contingent to barricade ourselves in Settle, we need a bbq pit meister though. Dave @octh can do beer, so we’ll not go thirsty.


I’ll take my chances up here.

Might have to live on pigs, lambs and eggs, but I can imagine worse ways to live/die


We’ll rebuild Hadrian’s Wall and rename it Gammon’s Folly


And you can bathe in whisky :+1:


Chew on the peat for fibre :+1:


We grow our own spuds and onions, so it will be a varied diet :grinning:


Just ask to rejoin your Viking bretheren in Norway


Norway? JRM says that’s a shite deal…



Hi my name is Grete I’m from Norway

Your name ?

Jacob Reese-Mogg - hahahahahahaha

In Norwegian your name means fuckpig



and step away from that bottle