Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


No :joy:

I will stop talking shite tho’


It’s telling that the members that made the best speeches only very occasionally glanced at their notes, whereas those who can hardly string a sentence together could barely read what was in front of them and had to pause when they turned the page.

Clive Efford proving my point right now.


Self restraint is overrated


I went out for a walk today.

Did I miss anything ?




BTW Grete is a lovely girl and sends her love to Stronzetto


Nothing mate, nothing at all.


Daniel Kawczynski’s daughter must REALLY look forward to her holiday discussions with her dad.




How are they conflating the activities of NATO with our membership (or not) of the EU?


I’m not sure that’s wise? His nickname in the favela was ‘O Velcro’ I took this to be a reference to his sticky habit but it turns out O velcro stems from his penchant for literally sticking himself to kindly folk. Personally I’ve not fallen for his ruse. It’s why I keep him tethered in the garden most nights.


Something something EU army - which we will never be co-opted into because of our veto.


Douglas Chapman. Proving that as a Scotchman he can wear his chip on his lapel, as opposed to his shoulder.


The crazy fucker has my vote :+1:


Will have to leave it there. Looking forward tomorrow to listening to the full legal advice given to the government which definitely isn’t going through a shredder as we speak.


It’ll be the most lame assortment of dribs & drabs which of course will explain why they were prepared to be humiliated in keeping it from us.


Apparently turkeys would vote 52/48 in favour of Christmas because they were told it gets them off the farm. :wink:


You left too soon, Mark. Ed Vaizey has just supported the deal :roll_eyes:


I’d counted him in one of my three!

On the face of what I’ve seen today, expect a total drubbing. They may not make 150.


Lol, they voted in Le Thatcher :slight_smile:

In France, anything to the right of Marx and the left of Atilla would be considered centrist.


I like the way that the leavers keep banging on about the fact that the 17.4 million who voted leave is the highest number that has ever voted for a single issue in the history of British politics.

Nobody has suggested that the 16.1 million that voted against was the highest number that has ever voted against a single issue in British politics