Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


It’s also untrue. The largest democratic turnout in the UK was the 1992 GE.


But that wasn’t a single issue was it?

There were more than 2 choices.


He wasn’t as extreme as Le Pen at one end or Melenchon at the other.


X factor?


How many times have we had a straight two choice vote though?

There was the one to join the EC.

Then we weren’t allowed to vote in the Leave Scotland one

Erm … I’m struggling now


the Scots made a major error, they excluded those who cared :grinning:


Let me help you then.

1975 vote to remain in the Common Market/EEC?

Anyway, that isn’t my point and you know that, Kevin.


Great speech by David Lammy


Missed it. all brexited out for the night :sleepy:


Worth catching on the iPlayer maybe tomorrow. Like a machine gun.



Brexit, like having a flesh eating zombie chained up and snarling in the corner of your room, whilst everyone else cowers in the other corner whispering about what to do with it.

You all know its dead and you have to put it out of its misery, but no-one wants to actually pick up the baseball bat and bludgeon it.

The lack of anything but an academic treatise on the subject in the HoC yesterday was very telling.

3 useless scenarios which could help -

  • Someone with a clear vision as to what to do next
  • Someone with even an ounce of actual leadership credibility (sit down Boris!)
  • Ideally someone with both of the above

Do any of the 650 sitting MPs taking the Queen’s shilling have any of the above. Not on the current showing.

Another election would be just the sort of distraction and work avoidance that this shower would entertain, so no that’s not the answer.

Someone needs to either table a motion for a second referendum with a clear ‘do you want this deal as it currently stands’ (ie a vague fucking letter to Santa wishlist after 2 years of apparently working on this); or a motion to just rescind article 50 and accept that the whole thing was an empty and stupid idea.


Ok. I need a lie down and it’s only 9 o clock:

Angela Leadsome has just been on Today and talked COMPLETE SENSE. Not a word of fudge, bullshit or twisting (other than when answering will Maybot be PM after the vote)

If you want to leave the EU, and you’re not a DUP nutter, this is as good as it gets.

Leadsome gets it, apparently, and articulated it in full sentences. Down is up and up is down.

The hand of Gove.


Is anyone else not ordering their Christmas gammon? I’ve been put right off


I noticed that too. WTF ? As she pointed out, the tectonic plates underneath the Attorney General’s Office shifted quite a bit yesterday.



I didn’t know who it was too start with, then once she started the evasion I sussed it. It caused me to question my whole reality, she was reasonable, sensible and consistent.

I think she must have been replaced with a lizard in disguise.


She was unrepentant about the contempt charge but did make the point the Withdrawal Act is in place and we will be leaving on 29th March deal or no deal unless it’s undone.


True, she did say that. I find it such an incredibly silly situation that the lawmakers of our country seem utterly incapable of just reading and interpreting the bloody WA themselves*

While she hasn’t appreciated - or choses not to speak of - the meaning of the Benn & Grieve ammendments, she’s still generally speaking correct, (save for the plethora of options that Ian Dunt suggested Parliament thas in the backhand.)

(* also worth noting that Mogg spoke much sense about the primacy of Parliament over the Government yesterday. Not sure my molars can take all this grinding)


Just listened to Leadsome and have been reading up on Raab’s wittering’s. They are both batshit crazy, despite grounding their latest guff in a bit of truth. Effectively, they appear to arguing that the Grieve amendment will be ignored because it is not legislation (true), so even if Parliament says NO! to No Deal, we’ll exit without a deal on March 29th. Despite banging on about the Sovereignty of Parliament (i.e. the Constitution) since June 2016, the Government now appears to be ignoring this in the interests of expediency. Strange world we live in…

EDIT: Craig posted while I was writing this. I apologise for repetition…


For my 2p worth, looking like a 2nd vote and stay in the EU. May will be replaced as PM by a baboon who will make better decisions and be more liked.