Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


They ain’t the Queen’s shillings their mine, yours and most every other poor fuckers. The Queen gets first dip and the HoC divvy out what’s left


I think Wayne understands taxation. Probably.



If not I could lend him this



It’s okay, my accountant does.


Marcus Fysh is a thicko.



Just turned off generic thick Tory MP (female) as she was killing me. It was interesting watching the RT coverage for 10 minutes. Talk about stirring an already boiling pot!!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this

“Failure to honour the referendum would surely cause an irreparable breakdown in the relationship between people and the authorities. It would usher in a new era of extreme politics.”

Mr Z Goldsmith who very recently tried to dogwhistle, stereotype and pander-to-the-lowest-common-denominator his way to being Mayor of London. Fuck off now Zac, you belm. You are a hypocritical disgrace.


Anne-Marie Morris


I’m lost … what’s that got to do with the Labour gibbon?

God, that man.

Anne whatshername though … completely passed me by, didn’t even know she existed (NitWP comment didn’t make it onto my radar)


But one of the nicest politician you could meet.


Is there still a glimmer of hope?


Not in the fucking slightest


I know, but you have to clutch at any straw atm


If I could find any I would be…


Life could be sexier - Vote Stronzetto



Just making the point that FoM, if employed correctly, answers most of the concerns raised against it.

While I’m at it, Steve Hilton. Just where the fuck do the Tories find this inexhaustible supply of steaming cockwombles?


They have breeding farms set up.


Eton and the like. Over the years these cute little penguins are moulded into heartless cunts.



Oh, I see. Yes.

Having been a non-stop free-mover the last 20 odd years, I’m rather familiar with the UK’s comparative lack of controls. Both here and in Belgium where I lived previously are pretty much as above.

To be fair, it’s a bit trickier as we have no ID card (thanks, again, David Davis) but there are still countless of the above that could be done with a bit more effort. It would cost money though.

As for Steve Hilton