Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy




Perhaps not quite the word!


Panic over,seems it was as easy as Fox said;


Trading on these preferential terms will secure savings and help to safeguard access to fish products from the Faroe Islands.

Consumers in the UK will potentially benefit from greater choice and lower prices for fish and seafood such as Atlantic salmon, haddock and halibut.

This will ensure fresh, quality and affordable produce is readily available for British retailers and consumers.

All those people who were stockpiling haddock and halibut must be feeling pretty stupid now. I wonder what concessions we had to cede to the Faroese to get this though. I do hope we didn’t drop the prices of aircraft wings too far.



Fuck ! All the fish I buried in the garden was for nothing ???


You could turn it into a sort of home counties version of Hákarl


We have an Icelander living in the Village. I shall try to sell her on the idea :thinking:


Just need to nail a deal with the Isle of Sheppey,and the panic is over


Funzie is open for trade:



Hard borders will be mandatory. Backstops are moot here.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty fair reflection.



2 years too late, fucko

Nonetheless …


Back to the real Brexit, however, and this is cracking thread

Consistently excellent work from Peter Foster, well worth following


No good having ‘light touch’ regulation, voluntary registration back from the border. That’s NOT THE PROBLEM. It’s the crooks.

This ^.



I can only assume that many people think that smugglers somehow hark back to the Famous Five days where shady unshaven blokes rowed across the channel with bags labelled “swag” or something. Like it’s not a real thing, happening now.

Already we have a huge problem with traders importing stuff from China and avoiding VAT and import duty. It’s just going to get much worse when we have zero tariffs and the range of products will dramatically widen.

There’s a lot of money in this. People will make the effort.


Brexit means Mexit?


Who knew it was actually so simple?


Jim’ll be along in a minute to move that cartoon to the Shit Joke thread. Where it belongs.



That’s a mock-up of this…

They’ve just changed a few words


With the terms & conditions of a pizza restaurant (if Chris Grayling is behind it)


Just heard an interesting stat on a tax update course.

No, really.


Come back…


Anyway, the stat is that 1% of people are net contributors to tax revenues during their lifetimes.

1/3 of these are the ridiculously well off, 1/3 are those who die young in accidents or the like and 1/3 are Eastern Europeans who arrive as adults fully educated, work, then head back. Basically, if you voted Brexit you have a moral obligation to have a car crash.