Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


We’re all about to be in one.


I guess the underpinning truth is that a lot of tax is not paid (directly and accountably) by people - it’s paid by corporations and perhaps other entities. But a lot of tax is spent on people (benefits, NHS, education etc).



I see Chris Grayling is being mercilessly taunted by the Deputy Mayor of Calais, who also happens to run the Port. A Port that Grayling is planning on not using when his new shipping company starts floating containers across the channel.



Well, that’s helpful. :roll_eyes:

Whilst I agree with the sentiment, for someone in his position to make that statement during a press conference is mind boggling.


Which makes it important not to make businesses go elsewhere. No, wait…


I need to watch it again.

Did he say “a” special place in hell , or “the” special place in hell ?

The difference between those two can be really rather signifcant, I’m told

Still, here’s the good old BBC to whip the shit up to peak froth. Christ alive !


So the EU insist the withdrawal agreement cannot and will not be changed even though, despite Mrs May pleading with MP’s to support it, it suffered the worst defeat in parliamentary history.

Might as well just leave now rather than wait till end of March.:roll_eyes:


Or alternatively, just don’t leave at all, which would be the best of all worlds.




It seems to me that by any sane measure, it isn’t really possible to leave. I’m just waiting for someone in “control” to show some spine and admit it. I may be waiting a while, obviously.


They have told her weekly the wa is done

I like to think she phones them up each night but with a different accent asking the same question

She is either dogged or as thick as shit


Sadly, this.


(raises glasses) “It is I, Leclerc”


I will have to remember that when I am buying petrol, tobacco, booze, clothing etc


Any fule kno she should simply speak louder and slower if she wants Johnny Foreigner to understand her


The problem is that this is still an open negotiation, and the fact is that as long as the deadline hasn’t passed (and sometimes even when it has) the EU has some form when it comes to changing what they say if that’s what’s needed to get a deal. I watched the second episode of this

last night and to say that stuff gets worked out at the last minute would be to put it mildly. They said they weren’t going to bail out Greece so many times. But they did. Obama turned up at one point with some demand or other and he had to drop it when Merkel literally started crying. On other occasions they stuck absolutely to their guns and pushed the people who were negotiating with them over a cliff - they essentially forced both Papandreou and Berlusconi to resign.

So when people say “They’ve told us they won’t do this” others can say “They said that on such-and-such an occasion, but when push finally came to shove they compromised”. Everyone from me to Theresa May is having to guess whether they might shift this time. Personally I think not. But what do I really know ?



If you’re buying clothing then you’re likely paying some tax in Bangladesh or Vietnam. Have you factored that in :grin: ? The fact is that reality is complex but analyses tend to be simple. My guess is that the particular analysis that said only 1% of us are paying more than we’re getting back didn’t attempt to allocate the indirect taxes you mention to individuals.



Might be dogshit…


Tusk reserving a special place in hell for the leave campaign leaders. That’s tomorrow’s headlines written then.