Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


I think Ref2 is dead, has been for a week or so.


Nothing’s dead in this shit show, but it’s certainly gone off the boil


People like Nick Boles & Stephen Kinnock are seeing it as a move towards their Common Market 2.0.

I suspect this is roughly where we’ll end up.


The difference with Nick Boles saying it is that he’s done a lot of work and spoken at length on the constitutional and cultural tensions between the UK and EU.

Not because of, just another example of a wider malaise in relations that has gone back years and years.


That’s the only one that’s ever going to get a consensus.

If you could get 100 Tory MPs to vote for it (and it would need to be a free vote to happen), it would probably get over the line in parliament.
200 labour
40 others (if the SNP would support)
100 Tories.


Out of interest did you see Peston having his cosy, jovial chat with David Davis last night?
Fucking hell. Even more sychophantic than John Humphrys would have been.


Corbyn defence 101: deflect. :grinning:


360 degree deflector shields deployed by the looks of it.


Whichever eventually gets presented as the alternative to No Deal will ultimately get the nod, but first any new proposal has to be agreed by the EU with changes to the PD that render the Backstop irrelevant.





Still fixated by Jeremy. Nothing else matters :grinning:


Because he was the one with the best opportunity to avert this disaster, but chooses to enable it instead.

Yet despite it having become clear how awful he is, you chooses to support him. It really vexes me.


The good thing about Norway+ is that it’s pretty much boil-in-the-bag done. There needn’t be a protracted negotiation and given the skills we’ve see on display from the UK, something off the shelf would be welcome.

After Nick Boles presented it so well, I find it an interesting idea. I wonder if the UK does adopt it we might find it becomes more popular in general throughout member countries in the EU. It seems more of a light-touch approach which has been held back by only having three small countries in it to date.


I think everyone involved must absolutely regret the decision to so clearly split the Brexit talks into two distinct phases. This was clearly an error, even EU reps are saying this.

Hey Ho.

No Deal is still where I think we are heading. The only viable option I see is May Plan A if she can corrupt enough Lab MPs to support it.


If it were left to you, you wouldn’t get anything agreed by Parliament & we’d be leaving with No Deal. Tremendous strategy. Keep up the good work!


I don’t think there was ever the prospect of an alternative. The EU would’ve insisted on structuring it the way they did. Our side would always be too slippery & unreliable. If we didn’t agree there’d have been no talks at all.



Yes, nothing to do with hero Corbyn being utterly fucking useless.


I can tell you with absolute certainty that this isn’t the case

Two-stage was a always a challenge in terms of aspiration meeting reality, but there were plenty at the outset who said “we shouldn’t trust these fuckers one little bit”. And they were right


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