Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


I’m having identification issues with that. Could be Labour, could be Tories. Shame shite; very slightly different shovel.


I’ve been wondering about the kinds of people that inhabit constituencies that return MPs like Christopher Chope, Mark Francois, Steve Baker, Michael Fabricant etc. I’m thinking they must be some of worst places in the country filled with stupid selfish xenophobic throwbacks who would entertain the notion that these fucking clowns deserve to hold public office. Am I wrong?




I suspect in these constituencies the Tories could put a dead yak up as a candidate and it would still win.


and it would still be more socially aware, responsible and empathetic.


Don’t forget fewer personal hygiene issues and a comparatively sparkling personality.


Pornhub search term?




So much gammon. Is it an advert for an upcoming blockbuster about the Three Little Pigs?


I thought it was a documentary showing the scene moments before gammon self combusts.





Quite right. My apologies


No problem Craig :+1:. This subject is just too grisly.

This from St Theresa’s in the latest Eye


In contrast to the good health of PlanBee the Unicorn, there is this:


Maybe if all these firms had spent the millions they are magically finding for Brexit on investment in plant, staff and modernisation, their staff would have been less inclined to vote for it? Instead they all used the aftermath of 2008 to freeze wages and only invested in share buyback schemes (thus compounding the hardship and inequality).


If what you are say is that you feel thr 10 years of austerity underlies the Brexit outcome then I might agree. Otherwise, I’m not sure why these firms would be inclined to invest in the UK pre-Brexit given the stagnant economic climate. To have done so might be perceived as an error in hindsight. On the other hand, in the face of difficult business conditions, to have accrued the funds to invest to avoid the worst of the potential Brexit fallout is evidence of judgement and acumen sadly missing from those who are supposed to lead the country.

I’m unconvinced that business can, or should, be held responsible for this mess. We have had a decade of macroeconomic mismanagement. Running tight fiscal policy and historically loose monetary policy is absurd. This follows a failure to ensure that the regions weren’t left behind as the South boomed. The responsibility lies with those who set policy for the last three decades in my view.


Gutted about Seaborne Freight. I’d planned my next ‘Cruise Drive’ holiday, bought the GB stickers for the car, booked my Ramsgate B&B and everything. I’d even chosen the toppings for the complimentary on board pizza.


I had a chortle when their “ferry partners” turned out to be an Irish company who have now withdrawn. Of course, no interference from the Irish Government in that one :slight_smile:


None necessary given that it was the ‘brainchild’ of Chris Grayling who, let us not forget, assured the HoC that Seabourne freight was “not a risk”.