Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



On form as ever…



The new master race :joy:


While not in agreement with everything you wrote, I was generally sympathetic … til this para

I have no data, but I think you’d be in a single digit percentile of UK companies who trade outside the UK who’d be rubbing their hands with glee at what’s about to happen becuase they can then strip workers rights.

This analysis has a forest / tree interface issue front and centre.


It isn’t the firms who will strip away worker protection gained as a result of EU membership, it will be the Government.

The Government has promised that all current worker’s protection will remain, what they will not say is that we will continue to match EU employment law in the future.

On the basis that I trust a Tory Government less than Rolf Harris in a Kindergarten, I fully expect many current EU employment laws to be right royally fucked over wherever possible.


…yet every fucker seems to hate the idea of trade unions these days


I liked the BBC (radio 3) news headline saying that Theresa May had “made concessions” to Labour. Really? She’s offered some bungs to certain constituencies, but nothing at all in line with his letter.

It made her sound reasonable and collegiate. She isn’t.


I have no idea why





They’re not the only union, for one thing.

It’s fucking laziness. People expect to buy a product rather than make the effort and contribute to shaping something.


Unison is but one, sure: but him and and a few others do more harm than good IMHO

European employment legisation has seen the fights of old made redundant, and only a few Trade Unions seem equiped for the 21st century worlplace in te UK - with zero hours contracts and moves between employment / part-time / unemployent & public / private / tertiary sectors increasingly the norm.

So fat, grey-suited gobshite men in charge of predominantly female memberships would do well to adapt (or die) to the needs of their membership and focus a whole lot less on the politics of the 1970’s …which - for want of making this point relevant to the thread - some are doing by pursuing the Corbyn brexit agenda which would have a decidely negative impact upon their own membership


Shouldn’t he be up the steeple at Notre Dame.


No, the vote was “do you understand the EU, or are you a cretin, easily taken in by the Tories and right wing media.”


Despite containing a modicum of truth that is, quite frankly, just a tad patronising and cliched. Also, you forgot the racism bit.


Harsh on Nick Clegg? Maybe not.


Also forgot the rampant stupidity within the left wing too.


Speaking of rampant stupidity:


Remember, it’s not Labour being useless cunts, they’re the victims here.


TBH, I only really noticed that rear its ugly (and thick) head after the Referen-dumb. The vacuity of JRM, BoJo, Farage on the leave side and inane dullness of the remain side sort of left no real space for the Comrades to exhibit their tool-worthiness prior to the vote.

They’ve made up for it since though, the feckin’ eeejits.