Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


They kept very quiet, Corbyn in particular. The fuck-clump.






I’m no union fanatic - I stopped being part of Amicus when the bosses 6 figure expense claim was made public. But the large multi-nationals show daily how little regard they have for their employees and will be more than willing to fuck them to a degree we’ve forgotten as soon as the protection of the EU is stripped away and they can apply full-mental US tactics on us. I’ve worked for a big US firm, and their local staff would come back from lunch to find their desk packed up and no job simply because the quota for ‘headcount reduction’ hadn’t been met that month cos us europeans proved too hard to sack in a hurry. The poor yanks were trivially easy to sack, so they did. The likes of Amazon, Deliveroo, Uber etc… will soon be pushing for their hire-and-fire ways to travel across the Atlantic and the Tories will be bending over backwards to accommodate them. Those single digit percent companies employee huge numbers and directly affect huge numbers more. We’re fucked.


Having spent a few hours yesterday discussing what’s happening to parliament with an elected Labour peer I have concluded we’re fucked and that brexit is not worth wasting my energy on. May will screw us all.


Oooooh, get you!!

Edit: who was it?


Stupidly as he was here for my daughters baptisms (his wife is now their godmother) I forgot to ask if he minded if I quoted him on a forum for miserable old cunts. So I won’t.


Who are you calling old then you fecking troublemaker?


I always feel we need more than just miserable cunts. As fat is a bit rude I always choose old, at least we’re all old at heart :wink:


No. He was easily taken in by the Tories.

Just like that cunt Corbyn.


Depressing piece in the HuffPost today.

Theresa May, driven by the need to keep the Tory party together along with the need to fulfil her pledge to deliver a Brexit makes No Deal almost inevitable whatever anyone else does.


Read that earlier, very depressing indeed but kind of inevitable I think. I don’t think there ever was a deal to be had.


Labour pretend to talk to the Tories so they can’t be accused of not attempting a deal, Tories pretend talking to Labour so May can tell the ERG to support her deal because the Labour proposal would be worse.

We are utterly fucked.


It really is “playing politics” at its worst right now, from both parties. I’m not normally one for predictions, but I think it’s a safe bet to say that history will not judge May or Corbyn kindly over this.


But I fear the future smells of flag waving finger pointing gammon


Short Brexit negotiation simulator:

While (true)


“I want cake”

"Not available"


From a German troll.



All settled by hygroscopy :nerd_face:


I’m currently at a sadness stage on Brexit, it switches between that and anger. It’s just such a sad indictment of our country’s worst aspects - a superiority complex, jingoism to the point of racism and a whole load of absolute fucking stupidity.


I’ve moved into a acceptance phase now. The considerable upside is I now have a legitimate reason to loathe 50% of the general public.