Bristol 2017

we were pondering going to Bristol… haven’t been for a few years… my Mrs has half of her team out at Filton… so could come down Friday, then Saturday at the show. Home on Sunday

Filton /shudder

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we never stay there… the other half of her team are in Stevenage. Always stay somewhere nice in the city centre… she goes off to work at Filton and I mooch about - we were planning on Hotel Du Vin this time…

Apparently a nice hotel. Decent food too.
Filton isn’t far from me, it’s the badlands.

Mixed with brick rubble, I hope…

Titanium swarf and slate chippings.

before I met my wife, the previous gf had her gaff in Clifton… she was a bit ‘Islington’ …I met her in a bar in Aleppo (Syria). She liked to show she could get down and dirty by taking me out near Filton, and to St Paul’s…

years before that I had a on-off shag partner who worked at UWE…spent an awful lot of time in Bristol over the years…

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Oh monsieur, you are spoiling us. :grinning:

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Possibly the best pair of porno actors going imo.


Try hartcliffe for a proper night out.

Really LOL

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Looking forward to pie and cake.

i’m stuck in Manchester in the morning - Might be able to make Pie on the way back

Yes. Their WW2 drama “They do like it up 'em” was the critics choice in '94.



The Orange & Chai cake in pic 3 was ‘Gert Lush’ as they’d say in Bristol.

I’m having a cheese and cracker dinner tonight as I’ve been stuffed all day.

The show was alright, the hi-fi a bit meh but the meat up and grub worth the effort

I have your scarf.

I was waiting for you to flea bay it, so I could pay for your day out

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Some chaps cartridge;