Bristol Bellendery

So ban private cars, but leave the shitty MOT dodging taxis and vans to pollute as before. Fucking twattery.

If you really want clean air, force those twats to go electric.


Or incentivize like London.

It’s a shame. I like Bristol. But fuck Bristol.

The Mayor stated this morning that they haven’t yet planned how to accommodate the poor who can’t afford to replace their cars.
Likewise, any alternative routes around the city centre.

Well thought out plan this :crazy_face:

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Knee jerk virtue signalling bollocks is what it is.

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Yep. Pretty clearly thus, when he claimed that it will only work with more money from Central government.

Easy, just buy old V8 petrol cars…

And as an excuse the V8 powered Bristol Bullet…


Local history says a ship to a plantation…


That’s the point, it’s exactly the wrong way round. Buses, delivery vans and taxis are the ones that can afford to get newer vehicles, and they make the most pollution in city centres.

Buses: the council simply mandates all new buses must be zero tailpipe emissions. Obviously it might have to pay more.

Taxis: ditto, with a time limit, and a sliding scale of charge/incentive based on emissions.

Delivery vehicles: introduce a gradual emissions charge, which will ramp up to ÂŁ100 in 5 years, say.

It’s not hard, but you do have to be brave.


Bristol Mayors seem to like their vanity projects. The voters thought Marvin would be different. They were mistaken. Just another egomaniac twatface.

Marvin still has a way to go before he reaches the depths the previous bellend did.

How are the buses working out for you ?

So, to clarify, I cannot take Mrs. B’s 50-odd mpg nice modern diesel Jag to the Bristol show next year.

But I would be allowed to go in the old 14mpg V8 petrol Range Rover that I used to own.

To be honest, I’m not seeing a problem here.

Im cycling.

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Have you thought about buying less cunty cars?

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He is well on course to emulate the red-trousered one.

Bellendery or bellendary? :thinking:

Twattery or twattary?

Does it mattar?


Only if you care about grammer.