Bristol Show 2019 Feb 22-24

Advanced Tickets are now on sale for those wishing to attend…

Pies - 12:30


Pens 14.30


Banned 3:45


Quite enjoyed this show in previous years, it’s a long way from me though!

I could maybe stretch to a return bus ticket and pop down for a few hours.


never miss it , its a cracking show and extremely busy

Audio Note room 10:01

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Til 16.59?

With a pie break though of course.


I believe it’s 10k for a room at the bristol show so no wonder hi fi is so expensive!!!

£10,000 fuck!!!
And they charge the public entry too.
At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.


yes , i was at a show and they were discussing how expensive the bristol was !!!

wonder if they will have a separate tannoy exhibition like last year , it was in a separate hotel but i managed to miss it

Don’t understand how small new companies could afford it.
Could see the WB room,and where linn and naim used to exhibit being around that,but would have thought the bedrooms to be a lot cheaper

I guess this is why Scalford was not profitable enough for them - they needed money from each room primarily, with attendee income a bonus. Scalford worked the other way round.

If Cranage can do a great show and make entry free I’m sure Bristol could be too.
Or at least a nominal fee say £5.

The Marriot - in the city center for x3 days + Advertising = £££££

I very much doubt the standard bedrooms are £10k. More like £2500 I’d guess

Call that expensive.

TAG were presnted with a £50 million invoice for the next Basle watch show. I understand they declined to show next year.

That makes the fees at Munich Hifi look cheap.