Bristol Show 2019 Feb 22-24


I’m off to the Bristol Hifi show soon, is it advisable to stay out of town and bus in (I have a bus pass )…I’m looking towards the A38 as it looks a more direct route in …M5 Jnr 16 M4…Any help appreciated :grinning:


Check out the park and rides Micky.
They work well.
I’m not sure if your bus pass would work on them though.
Oh, and if you do use them, make sure you get the right bus back so you don’t end up at the other side of the city… :flushed:


yes , getting close now , really looking forward to it , i am staying at local hotel as due to engineering works at half term it would take far too long by train and only arrive at 11am ish


We always manage to get a space in a car park about 600 yards away at around 10.30am on the Friday


I’m going maybe Sat afternoon or deffo Sunday


Fri 12:30 lobby meet for the pie trip?


And free toot/merch count up?


Its a big show, you really need more than an afternoon.


Hide me some some freebies near a tree or somewhere so I can pick up Sunday…:grinning:


I am aiming to get there (Bristol) Saturday around 2 and stay till Monday so … I haven’t booked a place yet which is why I asked the question about buses etc as I don’t know the area and don’t fancy driving into the centre aimlessly …I plan to visit on the show Sunday.


i got a room at the doubletree by hilton for 61 quid


I will mainly be focusing on pens this year,last years sweet offerings were extremely poor,i sincerely hope they have upped there game this year.


I am hoping to liberate an Ongaku, if you could just distract Mario for a while…


Bags, all the Bags - Note pads and pens will also be targeted with bungling imprecision and compulsion.


I am indulging in 2 x 40 minute spells of mindfulness per day and intensive Reiki to try to prepare myself for the journey, nay spiritual awakening, that we’ll undertake in the company of Mr AJ Van den Hul.

Do we think he’ll object to incense? What about small bells?


Do you think he’ll get the hump if I took my pyramid? I want the real ‘Van the man’ experience.


I intend to vibrate at 7.83hz in his presence.


I want to try my new tonearm in the VDH room. Do you think ‘The joust’ will get in the lift?


Lenco counterweights let it down


Not so, they are designed to harmonize with the special djembe base