Bristol Show 2019 Feb 22-24


Should have asked Guy to get them


The show was decimated by the lack of Mr. VDH. Apparently he was too ill to attend which I find hard to believe - Schumann’s heal everything. Perhaps he’s protesting Brexit or carbon emissions or some such…?


Kind of ironic considering he makes carbon cabling.


No,they were using the new 1500 out in the summer

This was on the timestep stall


I’ve got two of the blues already.


But you can’t have too many foo fuses :heart_eyes:


VDH located following Schumann OD


Does it fit?


Had they run out of XS ?



ah i bought a few goodies from daves store , but not these i add ! i did meet someone who had bought some !!!


Need t-shirt pic.


I’m just back and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought there were some excellent sounding demos including PMC, Spendor, Ophidian, Elac and Technics. I love the new SL-1500C too.

However, my favourite dem wasn’t the best sounding by a long stretch but was in one of Karma AV’s room courtesy of Emotiva and SVS equipment. When I went in they were playing a track from a Within Temptation’s Black Symphony DVD which they performed with the Metropole Orchestra. The track they played was ‘The Howling’ and they had it cranked up to a properly epic, truly ear-bleeding level. I staggered out when it finished slightly disorientated.

I bet their neighbours and a good many visitors hated it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had complaints and got told off by the organisers, but It was the highlight of my day and I bloody loved it!


Not tried it yet but thanks for sparing it.
The sophisticated butt plug did though…



I went to the show today,bought some vinyl! No sign of a pen,bag or anything FREE…guess Friday’s the day :grinning:.but I found a pound coin on a chair so all wasn’t lost :grinning:


Bags and pens were sparse this year


Particularly after you, Matt and Guy left. :grinning:


Don’t rope me in! All I got was a lousy t shirt.


Anyone know what make this TT is?