British headphone manufacturers that do open-backed headphones

SImple question really…are there any?

For what it’s worth, I know there are a few companies out there (PhonAudio, Angle, B&W, RHA, etc) but none of them do what I want.

Why do they have to be british?

Or another angle; define British…

Not Strayan, doesn’t own woodpile.


I like to support British companies where I can.

For these purposes, something made in Britain. Failing that, British-owned.

I think KEF still make some. Chinese (HK) owned these days and probably made in China, anyone?

From wiki: KEF is now owned by GP Acoustics, which is itself a member of the Hong Kong-based Gold Peak Group. Product development, acoustical technology research and the manufacture of flagship products still occurs on the original Tovil site in England.

No mention of open-backed on their website. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Rega should start making headphones, probably…