Buffet or bust - Opinion sought


This is the correct response - Even gammon get it right sometimes


Certainly bigger. Those were very nice but this also was pretty good. It might not be wise to eat one every day though! It’s a serious lump of nice sausage meat. I think it was only £1.25 too.


Ok, thats next meet ups lunch sorted… Came across this in Soho at the weekend


It was a welcome break from trying to explain that bondage shops are not where Batman buys his kit to fruit of loin 1


They come over here, with their nice tarts, forcing us to buy their delicious confectionery tsk tsk

What’s wrong with a Kipling Country Slice if you’re hungry?


Little minded people are similar to a Canapé , unfulfilling, questionable and liable to give a man the shits.


Top Sunday Sport headline! :eyes:


I have to say gentlemen, some fine ranting on here.
Fair brings a tear to my eye…
(As indeed can the fumes from the Iceland Indian Platter.)


Known and trusted sources is the caveat. Co-workers or the like suggesting a “little thing where everyone brings something” can do one.


Choice kills appetite and memory IMO in food and other areas.

Hence buffets appeal theoretically but fail practically.

And we all say; ‘that was great, lovely’. But in a buffet there is a high likelihood that there will always be something we enjoyed, and little/no risk on the part of the buffet preparer. Buffets largely fill a social not gustatory purpose.




For my birthday my wife took me here:


She saw this as a double win. A) It was a buffet B) she knew I would like it. It was a cake Buffet. I did like it but tended to hammer the cream tea element and didn’t faff with the wankoid jelly based shit.

In conclusion
I would have preferred larger scones - the rest could have fucked off. Buffets, even posh cake based ones are therefore toot


Millbay road?


The $64,000 Dollar question is, did you tell her that?


Have you healed fully yet?


Did they provide butter so you could prepare your scone properly before applying jam & cream?

Did you eat it on the chaise?