Business closure


Shame to see you close Jack - hope everything works out.


Sorry to hear this Jack.
Best wishes for the future mate.


Bad news, sorry to hear that, good luck for the future, Jack.


Well that sucks :confused:


Sorry to hear that Jack, must be tough, good luck with whatever next.

(And you can always blame Brexit you know.)


When the £/$ exchange rate drops from 1.58 to below 1.30 virtually overnight it makes already tough trading conditions even worse.
Sad closure but likely a new start too.
Good luck, but with your skills doubt luck will have much to do with it.


More personal issues rather than business unfortunately, but I won’t bore you with that.
All part of modern life I guess.

Thanks all.



Sorry to hear about this. All the best for the future.


Sorry to hear that Jack, hope you enjoyed the ride and you manage to keep some nice kit


Hope life improves soon


All the best for the future :+1:


Or as Boris would say, “Fuck Business”


Here you go Guy. Packing up the hifi so finally found this…


I have some stuff to sell, drop me a PM to discuss prices etc. Please have a little patient to get a reply, I’m currently in the middle of a house move…

Grandinote Proemio pre £2750
Grandinote Silva power amp £3000

Trafomatic Experience 2 300b Integrated with remote £1700
Trafomatic evolution one pre £800
Trafomatic evolution one phono £725
Trafomatic classic 1000 power conditioner £1000

A big hifi racks reference rack in oak 4 tiers double width. Make me an offer
Smaller hifi racks entry level rack 4 tiers single width. Make me an offer

SME 3012 S2 with all the Analogue Tube Audio mods fitted in mint condition £700

Graphite Turntable Mat £100 & PP
Graphite Head shell £50 + PP (I have 4)
Graphite RecordWeight 550G £60 + PP
Graphite RecordWeight 350G £50 + PP (I have 2)

Brand new unopened Audiobyte Hydra z and zpm units £700 + PP


I’d love to not buy this.




Withdrawn from sale. I am keeping it.


Thanks but I don’t want it now.


I’d take half of it if I was offered interest free credit.
I’d be prepared to pay a hundred percent deposit in cash upfront to secure.


I did warn you not to take on Trafomatic.:stuck_out_tongue: