Butcher Dreams

As a confirmed fantasist I can loose hours ‘day dreaming audio’ This thread is not about that, this thread is about your Abattoir / audio dreams - Shit that has clogged up in your cranium during sleep that is forum / audio related.

  1. A few nights ago I dreamed I was having a listening room built, I’d called upon some ‘butchers’ to come over and measure the room. All was going great but I noticed a few of the chaps were missing. I went to the kitchen and they were wearing aprons and making a fish and mushroom pie. It was awkward as fuck, I don’t really dig seafoood and hate mushrooms - I ate it and shat myself. = Deepening Mushroom fear.

  2. A recurring dream is getting a phone call about an abandoned cinema, the seller simply wants rid of the Western Electric kit so I hire a crane and with some ‘Butchers’ help set to work stripping out. The seller buggers off and the police arrive, we all get arrested and shipped off to Rikers island. The dream skips forward to me stabbing my finger repeatedly sowing mail sacks. = Cold sweats and a yearning for thimbles.

  3. A gumtree ad leads to a full Kondo kit find, the seller is a woman divorcee who wants ‘that shit’ out of her palatial home. I buy the lot and when I get home none of it works and the kit has changed to Arcam = Disappointment ahoy !


Getting a life :thinking:

The day job is insidious baffling and powerful. Please to share a prog dream

I once dreamed of being a butcher

Do you mean like this ?


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some things cannot be unseen… no…I mean sharp knives, choppers, and offal


I watched the first episode of season 2 of Narcos yesterday evening.

Then I dreamed last night that I was a house guest of Pablo Escobar!



You should use his ‘plata o plombo’ line in your day job to sound more menacing.