Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)


OK, apparently its not a whole other topic :rofl:


Also the Lurpak adverts are cool.


I’m with you on this one mate - salty butter is shite.

If you want salt with your HCB, stick some bacon in it :heart_eyes:


Lurpak spreadable is only 64% butter the rest is rapseed oil :nauseated_face:
I think all the pork and vino has had a devastating effect on the palette of some here.
Butter, you’re not even on the right animal, this is the best butter






Butter should be salted. My mother-in-law likes it unsalted. Tells you everything you need to know.


Waitrose Duchy Organic butter is where it is at.


Plays mother-in-law gambit, the Prof. is staggering :dizzy_face:





Goats butter


And then there is this.



Unpasteurised. Raw!


And finally. Buffalo Butter.


Foo butter . . . what an age to be alive.


Both have their uses, on the other hand spreadable… fuck right off with that nonsense,


Spreadable - wank
Unsalted - wank axle grease
Goats milk butter - go and wank a billy goat
Buffalo butter - if it’s anything like yak butter you can shove it up your arse - actually, hold on a minute…


I don’t churn for hours on in front of the fire having perfected an immaculate wrist action / foot tap to not have flavor


is critical


Churning is sexy - yes?