Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)



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If butter was meant to have salt in it, the cow would have put it in there.
Salt in your milk, cream?


Butter without salt is like a pencil without lead, pointless.


Sadly, it seems most things I like are against God.


Last Tango…


Butter without salt ???


Fucking horrified to discover there are people out there - not otherwise obviously suffering from serious cranial trauma - who imagine butter should be bereft of salt! Now, if you wish to use it as sexual lubricant - perhaps, though there are better alternatives. And, for frying you have the aromatic joy that is Ghee, but seriously - to spread upon baked goods, there is simply no other possibility that is not a crime against all that is natural, all that is sacred.

I read this thread and my soul quails, intense disappointment stalks the land . . . . .


Butter without salt is like saying “I won’t season my food”. Seasoning is essential, unless it’s a desert or cake, which is what unsalted butter is intended for. End of nonsensical discussion.


Privatized NHS canteen


Pavlovian drooling intensifies…


Unsalted butter…


Kelley, you disgust me you piece of shit.


There are usually lots of opinions/points of view about various subjects on here, but what I love about this thread is it’s simplicity - there are just two camps:

  1. Cunts who think salt is needed in butter.
  2. Informed, intelligent slaughtermen who know that butter should not be contaminated with that shite.

…and don’t forget - you can always add, but you can’t take away !


Never use salt for cooking or seasoning.
Salt may be the reason I like butter…
Unsalted butter is for cake.




Reeling in shock and horror at your poor judgement here - I expect better of you, I really do . . .