Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)


Didn’t think it was possible to get so much rong into such a short bit of prose about something so simple.




This thread has given me a sad.

People I previously liked and respected, even admired . . .

It’s like catching Mother Teresa off her tits on crack setting-fire to puppies . . .



Still tastes better salted.


Have a word with yourself you twat.:roll_eyes:


Jim, you’re all fucked up, this shit is low, man. All those shared rooms/farts/times, did they not mean anything? Really not sure there us any way back from this…



…think I’m going to close the curtains, go back to bed, cry-wank myself to sleep - fuck this ghey Earth…


You were lucky to get out alive :mask:


Next you will be wanting salted caramel in your coffee!


This has rocked the boards. An unbridgeable schism.

Expect Lord of the Flies II at Lopwell.


At the risk of being banned, Jim is RONG and salted butter is besterest.


Very much yes :grin:


It seems the ultimate authority - ‘Instagram baking influencers’ - are with @Jim on this one https://www.southernliving.com/fats/butter/salted-vs-unsalted-butter. Pro cooks use unsalted and add just as much, or as little, salt as they need. Ninnies who can’t be trusted to make a judgement use salted because, well, because …

Says the man who, sitting here, doesn’t know who made the butter in our fridge or whether it has salt in or not. In fact it might be some low-fat spread. Maybe.

Do you really want to bring Rick into this ?




My god man, you’ll be talking about Benecol spread next!


I didn’t start this argument, i’m merely agreeing with the op. :thinking:


I’d stay away from that stuff. Looks what it’s done to Carol Vorderman



You cannot be without both:

Salted is for spreading
Unsalted is for cooking and spreading*.

  • Marmite and other salty spreads would probably lead to salt overload
  • Do you really want salted butter under jam?

Anyone for cultured butter then?


Marmite is for cunts. Vegimite is apalling too.

Yes. And under marmalade too. Anything else is and excess of meh! and blandness


Yes actually, I do.

The applications of salt to sweet dishes are many and amazing.