Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)


you are right - but I rarely eat jam as it is too sweet for my taste buds






So wft were you lot complaining about my bacon HCBs? :roll_eyes:



This is the abattoir…


Lou’s homemade butter. As good as I’ve had anywhere.

Ingredients: Double cream and foo salt (Cornish sea salt flakes)

Lou doesn’t eat it, so she divides it into very small slabs as it only keeps for a few days once out of the freezer.


In the interests of all and so that all right minded meat fellows don’t have to, I have taken some unsalted butter this morning.

Emma made two crumpets (toasted, then roasted)with cheese on top. One unsalty and one with salty Lurpak. I was still in my pit and had no idea which one was which.

The taste test was difinitive. …It was the one on the left of the plate I preferred. The butter had soaked through the entire crumpet. Unfortunately she can’t remember which one was which. :frowning:

Anyhoo. … I’ve come back for a quick coffee and went into the fridge to find the chocolate and behold… what fuckery is this???


If food needs seasoning, then you season it. I suppose you all use “cooking wine” as well?



She put the dog in the fridge?


Carnation milk pods man. Secreted under the flap in the door where the emergency chocolate is stored.


frozen but plug dog lolly?


Given that most cheese is salty as fuck, this was a fucking stupidly conceived experiment. Go and stand in the corner.



More of a Lear’s fool. An abused and berated buffoon who’s actually full of sound advice.




That is a fair point.


You correct spelling. She gives you concentrated monkey jizz in your coffee. It is the way of the world.


Anyone who puts evaporated milk in their coffee deserves to have their tongue removed with a chainsaw :confounded:


Let’s be honest here.


Exactly. We both have black coffee. These are unopened.

I need some time to understand this.