Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)


Gardener or maybe the ahem, milkman.


Well now . . . black coffee vs. cream/milk . . .


Frothy milk, but needs to be organic goat’s milk used on the day of milking.


You should try some warm foaming fresh camels milk in a rusty bucket…it was difficult to refuse when I visited a camel farm in Kuwait


Lurpak . . . :face_vomiting:

Unsalted butter . . . :face_vomiting:

People who . . . oh god ~sob~ . . . intelligent people who may have ~gag~ margarine in their fridges . . . :face_vomiting:

And now Carnation Milk Pods! Satan’s own petrochemical pustules of demonic lactate . . . :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

This godless thread - and all polluted by it - must surely be put to the purifying effect of sword and fire . . .


We are currently trialling Norpak spreadable from Aldi. It’s edgier and more working-class chic than Lurpak.

Expect to see it thinly spread on a roof slate in your nearest gastropub soon.


Where’s your god now?!?!




Naturally AND artificially flavoured



I’ll fucking spell check you in a minute :facepunch:


I’m guessing the “natural” flavour is ground cows hooves or some such.



That’s a bit fucking insensitive :angry:




Is the butter in Canada the same as that tasteless white crap in murca? Are we just talking about a cultural thing here?


Now that’s what I call a loaded question :grinning:
As a rule dairy products are of a pretty high standard here (some of the cheese is fantastic), but you may be on to something.


If it’s anything like the mantequilla I’ve suffered in Mexico & S. America I’d rather spread Vaseline on my toast.


It’s your chance to leave Jim out on a limb, I suggest you take it. :+1:


Mantequilla . . . that sounds a bit rude.



I’ll have a man who eats bacon on a HCB next to me in the trenches any time