Butter wars (aka the prof vs everyone except Jim)




You really have dumped me haven’t you, well fuck ya, I’m never going to sell you a coco cast off ever again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Butter Shame 2. . This time it’s personal. :slight_smile:


No more coco butter wars then.


“You think you’re a man, but you’re really a boy”… :scream:


We are truly on the bleeding edge here.

Frankly, I’m amazed we have so few active members.

Life is so confusing.

I mean, where else is butter debated with such - oh fuck it, I can’t be arsed.

Edit to add a half-hearted ‘salted’.



Oh, I thought the next one would be a ‘cold dead hands’ job… All the more reason for you to eat masses of heavily salted butter! :grin:


I did actually leave you the BTJ 9000S in my will Ritchie, but after the way you’ve treated me in this thread, it’s going to the cat’s home…:laughing:


Even cats turn their noses up at unsalted butter. Maybe some Alpaca refuge? They are pretty undiscerning when it comes to dairy products.


Bristol or Aberdeen?


Bristol please.


Only if you commit murder when burgling that Bristol cat’s home, the utter twunt.




When this was suggested locations of the cat’s homes

I presumed that was where Coffo and that other cunt hung out. Hence my suggestion for the most aggro of aggravated burglaries in Bristol…


Ah now it makes sense.
Of course, with extreme prejudice.


:+1: Hopefully ‘extreme prejudice’ is the name of your new pain dildo.


No butter will be used, just salt.