After banging on about my Viva 300B amps a couple of weeks ago, one of them has developed a nasty buzz which comes on after the amp has been on go a couple of hours. I have swapped the valves over one by one but the buzz is still there. Anyone got any ideas? I’m expecting expense… :cry:

Call @coco

I always do that, was trying to give him a break!

He doesn’t deserve it.


That happened to my Solista a few years ago. I took it to Viva & they fixed it - a dead capacitor iirc.

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Verona iirc. @coco!!! :grin:

Didn’t Coco serviced vintage Vauxhalls. Mind you he does live in the Greater Luton area so perhaps he has connections. :slight_smile:

If anything starts acting up with my power amps I go directly to the manufacturer.

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Lifetime warranty FTW!

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Just outside Vicenza - I was driving down to visit friends near Venice so two birds…