Buzzing amps

Might need to get my Alephs serviced.

One of them has a mechanical low frequency buzz. It’s from the amp itself and not through the speaker. I have run it through my mains conditioner and not but it’s still present. The only other symptom is the blue light, the non buzzing one when I turn it off goes out after a few seconds. The buzzing one takes a good 5-6 minutes to go out.

Maybe ask @edd9000 for advice as he has built a few clones.

Buzz light, yeah. I’ve seen that story before.

I’ll get me coat.


They have big ole transformers that could easily hum. Lots of causes for that.

Light not going out it may just be the bleed resistor has given up the ghost. They probably need the power supply caps looking at given the age/how hot they run.

So service time it would seem. Who’s best to fiddle with them do we think? I would imagine getting them back to pass would be a real pain and expensive

If either have the time Pete or Ed would be your best bet as they both know the Pass designs very well.

Pete has kindly offered his time :+1:

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I build stuff, I don’t really fix stuff, I can probably fix an Aleph, but I get nervous around stuff with actual value, if I built it on my kitchen table it’s a different kettle of fish :smile: