Got taken there by colleagues. Awesome!

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In Toronto I heartily recommend this place . . .

Michelin Bib Gourmand Awarded. Just excellent BBQ

That looks great but we wont be doing Toronto this trip.

It seems to be a fair bit cheaper to fly to Vancouver than Montreal so maybe Vancouver could be the best choice as so many of you are recommending the place or I could always consider an internal flight if we have the time to visit both sides.

My experience is only of Toronto for a week, but based solely on that I’d go back tomorrow :+1:.


jesuschrist why are teleporters not yet a thing?! :drooling_face:


My company has a big factory in Toronto, so I’ve been a few times. It’s a LOT nicer than visiting head office in Cleveland!

We have visited Vancouver twice, it’s absolutely wonderful imho as is the surrounding countryside.

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LOL, self-immolation is a lot nicer than visiting Cleveland.


Because having got the Communicator working as well as it ever needed to, Samsung, Apple, Huawei et al have wasted the last twenty-plus years fucking about with it rather than getting on with the Transporter Beam.


One of my favourite views in the world. Capilano lake near the Cleveland dam. North Vancouver.
Just bloody go.