Car engine remapping


Why would anyone want one saying logo.

They could have thought of a better emblem.


(I hope someone bites)


He needs the remapping to have any chance of transporting the SIT amp.


He’ll need one of these



Has it been remapped? :thinking:




Is it a turbo? Yes you could probably get enough extra to make the costs worth it. If not then Forget it.
Actually just forget it anyway 20% of knob all is knob all and that’s about all the extra you’d get with just a basic chip.
You bought a pup live with it.


It’s not a pup. It serves my purpose exactly.:dog2:


Add a spoiler on the back, a chrome exhaust end that makes it look lik a twin, and stick a big subwoofer in the boot.

These should be good for at least 19.6bhp or 7.8 mph on the top speed.


Use bus lanes and just drive faster than the other traffic?


Reminds me of my Mini in the sixties that had wheel spacers, straight through exhaust, racing steering wheel and removal of the bumpers but still did 0-60 in 17.5 seconds.


It’s not a pup. It serves my purpose exactly.:dog2:

So if it serves your purpose ‘exactly’ - why do you want to chip it to produce more power? This suggests that it’s not serving your purpose and you bought something that you are not happy with - ‘a pup’.


Because a chipped Skoda Citigroup was what I wanted.


…Just hit it a couple of times with a small metal object :+1:


Jim you’ve not lost it.:heart_eyes:


He’s been on fire all this year.


Yep, all of 1.5 days :laughing::laughing:


I think there’s a support group you can join for that :upside_down_face:


Equally unhelpful - weight reduction improves acceleration.


You’re right, i’m Back in the gym next week. :heart_eyes:


But do you need a passenger and rear seats? The spare tyre takes longer. :smile: