Car engine remapping


Watching a YT video of an Ariel Atom around the Nurburgring with a friend, he reminded me that Colin Chapman was much the better salesman.

“Added Lightness” is that which you seek. :slightly_smiling_face:


From a Ferrari Dino to this



But it is in German Racing Silver. :heart_eyes:


Fuck it slap on a 100 shot of nitrous, double the injector size, whack on a piggyback fuel / boost controller and some cobra stripes. Big spoiler on the back, lower it… no put it in airbags do a 10k I stall and neons. Maybe some manga graphics down the side.
Don’t piss about with a silly chip.


Thank you Julian i’m on it. Will it affect my zero tax?



Well I worked on it all night and here it is, the girl friend looks very proud. :heart_eyes:image



Nice work on the Storm Trooper. Jabba The Hut is a bit underdone though.


This is the styling cue behind most contemporary car design. Fucking awful. The sooner the industry moves on the better



New bumper sticker up’s my status. :heart_eyes:


I might get one of those for the X3 :smile:


I think it only works if it isn’t :thinking:


That’s why it’s funny. (To me, anyway)


Excellent ninja edit :+1:


Found it, it’s been right under our noses all this time.


Wow thanks for that but it’s out of my price range.