Car Wants (maybe once, but now just anything Jim can find on the internet. 🙄)

This would do nicely!

Saw a Toyota GR Yaris in the flesh tonight. Looks better than expected.


I’ve had a decent drive through the Peaks in a friend’s GR and it’s bloody awesome fun

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It’s a £111 mill Euromillions jackpot so I bought a ticket. This is still shuttling around various dealers because the only person that wants to buy it is me and I only have £3.75 (unless I win this evening). This latest dealer has taken the step of taking the Zagato wheels off and fitting the crosshatch Ronal wheel that was an option on the standard V8. The result looks ace;

Listing HERE.


Nice car.

It’s like a Subaru SVX that ate all the pies, and the donuts and the tequila.

I like it too.


Any of these, really! I’ve driven five in this list and owned three…:sunglasses:


Only owned one of those, the pug 406 (or bag o dicks as I came to call it). The outside was the only good thing about it. The engine (v6) was a sluggish bag of shit that could barely overtake a bmw 318i estate driven spiritedly, the interior had the worst leather ever that disintegrated within 3 months, and a dashboard made of milk tray box inserts.
Handling was nose heavy understeer all the way.
Reliability was hilariously bad. The epitome of style over everything else.

Love the Monte Carlo. I nearly bought one back in the day, but ended up with one of these instead:

It rusted a lot, and the gearbox blew up! Hey ho.


I bet it was great when it went though :heart_eyes:

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:frowning: wish I’d said that :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was lovely. Mine had the wood-rimmed wheel and gear knob. Went and handled great, but the gearbox (transaxle with a cable shift) needed practice!

:heart_eyes: Gorgeous

VW XL1 :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:

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Yes please

For sale locally. Never heard of this VW


Brazil special.