Car Wants (maybe once, but now just anything Jim can find on the internet. 🙄)

Really should’ve :disappointed_relieved:

Respectfully disagree on that. GKs never had them when they were built so the Dunlop is the period correct option. On a personal level, wire wheels look fucking gash as well. Borranis are fractionally less gash than the geriatric UK patten ones but it’s still degrees of shite.


While you’re probably right about the first bit, the rest is an essay in the finer points of capital-“R”-Rong :-1:


…tho’ I will admit cleaning and polishing them is a job for one’s butler…

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Exactly, this would look guff on Dunlops or Rostyles.

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It’s ten years older than the GK so would have had to suffer them when new which is the key difference. Even then, Borrani pattern with three point spinner would look better than the cartwheels that one is on.

Yep, love the Dunlop ‘pepperpot’ alloys :heart_eyes: although the green one looks to have steel wheels on it?

If we are doing it properly :heart_eyes:


So that’s where Morgan got the rear section aesthetics for the Aero 8 from :heart_eyes:

The original wheels were all those pepperpot steels with a hub adapter and 3-eared spinners that are on the green and cream cars (mine was almost a duplicate of the cream car). They are 5J x 15, so nowhere near wide enough for the right tyres for its weight and performance, but they do look right to me - wires just don’t suit it IMO.


A mate has an extremely rare '120 FHC in RHD.

I’ve been in it. Fucking lovely car!


From my archives; Alison is pictured next to Becky, my old 730i.

Funny how a supermini stands so much taller than what I remember as a big car!

My first FWD car was a similar 735i but that was fucked.

Becky wasn’t fast but she was very comfortable. And at 12-15mpg not exactly economical!


Oh yes.