Carving bodies and necks

That is a beautiful instrument - fantastic piece of work you’ve done! :heart_eyes:
How does it play?

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That’s stunning, meticulous work. Lovely transition around the body/ neck.


Has a touch of the meat man about it


Glued a load of random scrap offcuts together to make a body, did the same for the neck. Becuase why not.
Jointing all that by hand was a bitch.









The start of another beautiful instrument :+1::+1:

How’s the build going Graham? Keen to see how things have progressed.

Out of interest have you ever considered trying a headless model? I bought a Kiesel Custom Delos this week. Having never owned a headless guitar I’m really liking it so far and thought the style might be something that appeals to you. Having the tuners at the bridge end is surprisingly intuitive with the carved out contouring under the tuners being the main difference from a standard guitar body.


Does it being headless help with balance? FoL1 plays bass, and has complained about some basses being headstock-heavy when you’re standing. I don’t play myself, but I can imagine the CofG would move quite a bit with that weight gone from the end of the neck

Very much depends on the specific guitar I would think. There are loads of headless basses available on the market so maybe worth them trying one.

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I’ll throw it into the conversation the next time we’re chatting :+1:

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No I haven’t, tbh they’re never really appealed to me. Your new one looks very nice.

The scrap wood guitar is 95% finished
Got a few small things to sort (string trees and a control cavity cover). It plays fine however and has a nice tone. Have installed a strat neck pickup.

I had to throw away the neck pictured above (buggered up shaping it) and start again. Im getting used to chucking necks not the big deal it once was.


Love it. Another beauty.