CD , what have I done!

I actually played a CD tonight. First time in a couple of years!

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I played one in the car a few days ago :man_shrugging:



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I just knew there’d be a resurgence. CD is dead, long live CD.

I am waiting…

for the first incorrect apostrophe

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For what, exactly?

Perfect Sound Forever. :+1:


Come into the future where wax cylinders are all the rage don’t you know.

Indestructible :joy::joy::joy:

I bought Jah Wooble’s In Dub I and II on CD yesterday. Bloody cheap for nearly four hours worth of music. @anon14766838 sent me a CD yesterday too. CDs are great.


don’t get your hopes up. Some years ago for some (drunken?) reason I bought a job lot of about 30 CD, badged as contemporary jazz. That CD came from the top of the pile

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I didn’t mind it. It was a bit plinky plonk but I quite enjoyed it. I know nothing of the musicians involved so it was a learning experience. If I was to criticise, it would be to say that it is a bit safe. Amusingly, Roon/Innuos tagged it as Art Rock, which it definitely is not.

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Sounds like HiFi show fodder.

Probably not melodic enough for that. It was like a jazz/post-rock effort using bass, drums and piano. Not going to trouble the charts anytime soon.

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Median price of £5.52! My retirement plans have stepped up a notch…



I tend to move towards streaming, so it can get worse