Cheap temporary tonearm?

Any ideas for a sub £100 tonearm for temporary duty on my scheu?
Would I get a rega for that?

Budget is fairly strict as also need to save for permanent solution.

You should get a rega 200 for that,but the bias will no doubt be broke

Is that the belt bias thing?
Are they repairable easily?

Yes the little toothed belt.
Think they are meant to be a bit of a faff,i just made up a temp bias with fishing wire and a 2g weight.

I have bought the 250 and 300 both for a hundred on pink fish a couple of years ago.

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Fiddly I can do.
I’ll add that too the list.

I should’ve mentioned, rega mount is preferable

I have an RB250 with a Goldring mm fitted as my non critical 2nd arm. it works perfectly well tbh. If you can find one for £100 or so then definitely worth considering.

Did you try building your Nobsound EAR phono yet?

Thanks Murray.

No movement on the build yet, trying to sort house stuff first. Are you still using yours?

Yes the M77 clone is a really enjoyable daily driver.


Afraid of putting miles on the others? :joy:

I need to revisit the psu on my LCR stage or at least how the stages connect together. Prone to oscillate.

Motorboating? Or something else?

at LF (motorboating) rather than higher up. Grounding scheme could be better I guess.

Better PSU decoupling is the classic fix for motorboating, but these things are unpredictable!

What tubes are you using again?

D3a ->Network -> 6S4S and then output transformer coupled ECC99

I’ll bring one of the two chassis up next week. Was testing the Gm of some 6J52’s the other day. They are quite variable whereas the D3a’s look very consistent (based on fairly small samples). Shame because the highest Gm 6J52 is pretty high!

Andy I have spotted a rega arm on eBay v cheap might be scam but at £20.74 I thought I would give it a go. If it comes before you find something I will pass it on to you it cost


Thanks Andy, fingers crossed it’s legit.

Free post from China with a zero-feedback seller. There have been a number of similar ads in hifi and bikes recently. I’ve just assumed they are all scams, but hope not for your sake.

@Penance I’ve got an RB202 I’m not using you can borrow, I bought it knackered and replaced the cable but couldn’t fit the earth lead up into the arm tube so it is hanging loose, wasn’t an issue on the systemdek but I don’t know if you’ll have earthing problems with it.

Must be a cheap Tonearm?