Cheap VW Phaeton – Yes or No? (AKA bought Phatdeo instead 😬)


Awful car is best car.


The new one? :anguished:


Just as shit as any other diesel.


That’s the whole point. 5.0 V10 complexity and fuel consumption :heart_eyes:

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My favourite fun fact about the Phaeton was reading an article that said Ferdinand Piech was obsessed with the aircon system (amongst other things) in these and he wanted his engineers to create a method of cooling the car by diffusing the airflow as passively as possible so that occupants didn’t have to ‘suffer’ anything as common as the air blowing out of the vents, if they could avoid it. I think they developed some perforated leather areas in the doors to enable it. I’m sure there are other mad elements.


The Phaeton should be capable of being driven all day at 300 kilometres per hour (186 mph) with an exterior temperature of 50 [°C] whilst maintaining the interior temperature at 22 °C (72 °F). Piëch requested this even though the Phaeton’s top speed was electronically limited to 250 kilometres per hour (155.3 mph).


Saloons are rubbish for carrying speakers so you should really buy a Mundano hatchback. There is something nice about a luxury barge full of optional extras though.

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Fiat Punto or Panda is all you need…


I would much, much, much rather have the petrol 3.2 V6 (or the 4.0 W8 or the 6.0 W12 come to that) but, sadly, most of the ones about seem to be tractor fuelled. This will probably be what cancels the idea, to be honest.




Yeah, clutch judder getting worse and radio touch screen going haywire. Definitely going Korean/Japanese next time.


Starting a thread on here is basically an unbreakable covenant. You must buy one now, it’s The Law.

Maserati GranTurismo

We also need photos of purchase and test rides at bake offs.

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Made late too that range rover

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Ah, shite. :frowning:


Ah, got you too then!


I’m sure he could get a major service done by someone competent for a lot less than £1,200.

The tyres sound expensive too. I don’t pay that for my Bridgestone rear 305, 35, 19s.

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To be fair it is quite a new one and has all the sporty bits on, I think the wheels are 20" with 30 profile tyres