Cheap VW Phaeton – Yes or No? (AKA bought Phatdeo instead 😬)


Citroen XM?


I cannot deny - I could be tempted…,


I’d love an XM, couldn’t find one on my awful car search.


Jeep Cherokee?


Owned a 4.0 Ltd for a couple of years.

Ordinary is a good word.


Volvo V70 or a 760?


C5 is not a β€˜big’ Citroen therefore is not an exception to the β€˜French cars are crap except big Citroens’ rule.

Ovlov S60 - meh.

Ovlov 760 - hmmmm

Jeep Cherokee - No. I don’t approve of pointless 4x4s


I would love a C6.



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Anything you buy for Β£1700 will be a load of toss, so just buy anything.


C6 good. Sadly most are tractor powered.

As to the C8, i’d rather have a Transit.


See my bike post

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I know a couple who just buy any old car for under a grand. It lasts 12-18m, then they scrap it and get another. There’s no great loss if it only lasts 6m or less, but none has so far.

They buy ones that are close, fairly mainstream, and the criteria are mainly that it is the right size and has decent tyres and MOT. It makes perfect sense, but they are a bit dull really.


Loads of lovely RX-8’s around for that money :+1:


None of which will last a week, let alone 12-18 months :laughing:

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Buy a Passat and write Phaeton under the rear badge. 99% of people won’t know the difference.



You can take drunk people home in it in the evenings to save up for the Phaeton.


That is a cracking buy for someone.

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